Precision laser alignment – laser-optical alignment of shafts and couplings

  • Alignment of paper, cardboard and printing machines
  • Alignment of turbines, compressors, diesel motors, gearboxes, generators, electric motors, pumps and bearings
  • Alignment of complete production facilities

Thanks to robust laser technology that can keep up with industrial requirements, we can effectively remove alignment errors, or make sure that they do not occur in the first place. At MHI we use OPTALIGN from the company Prüftechnik. The device measures misalignment using a precise laser beam. There is no need for the complicated assembly of a dial gauge, and alignment errors or inexact readings are also a thing of the past.

Half of all machine failures are caused by alignment errors. Because alignment errors cause load forces that are passed on to the rolling bearings. Of course this has a negative effect on the lifetime of the bearing. Thanks to precision laser alignment using a precise laser beam from OPTALIGN PLUS, it is possible to identify and remove errors, or to exclude them from the beginning. A more exact alignment means longer availability.

Advantages of a laser optic system:

  • Minimises energy loss
  • Reduces bearing and coupling damage
  • Increases machine service life (MTBF)
  • Prevents production downtime
  • Reduces spare parts stock
  • Minimises seal wear