Special machine construction


Custom-made machine with a lifting device with CE marking. The lifting device was made on the basis of CAD data for the tool to be transported. The assembly was developed in such a way that four different tools can be removed in a single device.


An automatic tensioning station was designed for retrofitting to a plastic transport chain and was integrated into the transportation system. The automatic compensation of the gas shock absorber eliminated faults and costly chain shortening.


Here a new component for a complete system was designed for a customer in accordance with the machinery directive. This round storage table serves as a supply unit for customer products.

The surface of the round storage table was coated with teflon paint.
The storage disk is mounted on an IGUS round bearing so that it can be rotated. Infeed and outlets can be adjusted individually to suit production requirements and are controlled by pneumatic drives.
The round storage table was designed in accordance with the CE guidelines and the required safety regulations.

The round storage table cannot be reached into. The underside is completely closed and fitted with a Macrolon panel to permit maintenance and inspection of the drive.