Gearbox service for your inline machine

It doesn’t have to be a spanner in the works that’s causing problems. But whatever the reason, a machine that’s not working is a catastrophe for any company. That’s where MHI GmbH comes in, aiming to prevent downtime or at least keep it to a minimum.

MHI GmbH repairs all gearboxes installed by EMBA: angle gearboxes, register gearboxes and feeder gearboxes. As well as gearbox repairs, we also take care of gearbox overhauls for the EMBA FFG 140, 160, 170, 170QS, 240 and 244.

We have all gearboxes available as exchange units. That means that we can always react quickly and send you the required gearbox right away – keeping your downtime to a minimum.

For gearbox repairs and overhauling, quality naturally has top priority. All required parts are produced by us according to manufacturing standards. In addition, every gearbox goes through an eight-hour recorded test run before it goes out to customers.